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Chinese driving license mobile app

Drive in China - THE iPhone/iPad App to get your Chinese driving license

Get your Chinese drivers license today

This App will help you pass the exam on your first try.

The only app with all 1569 questions for 2017

Foreigners cannot just transfer their local driving license in China. 

Study for the official exam in english,german or chinese 

 Already more than 10000 successfully passed exams !

To take the mandatory written exam Drive in China App for iPad and iPhone comes in handy !

Now finally also available for Windows PC and MAC on

 Get your chinese driving license with the IOS App Drive in China or the online version


  • Choose a set of question you want to study, read through it 1 by 1 
  • 1300 questions for the car license , split in 5 groups for easy learning 
  • All traffic signs and police gestures, rules and regulations 
  • Favourites, create your own learning list now 


  • Multiple Choice training 
  • Training with time limit to simulate exam pressure 
  • Configure your training (learn only new, random questions) 
  • Training statistics (right,wrong , untrained) 
  • Set yourself a target date and a daily training time 
  • See when you are ready to take the exam 
  • Training questions can be switched between english,german and Chinese

Exam simulation

  • Try to answer 100 questions in 45 minutes and see if you would have passed 
  • Analyse the wrong answers 
  • Skip questions and repeat them later like in the real exam 


  • You have found a bug ? 
  • You have a good suggestion how to improve this ? 
  • Just press a button and get support ! 

With this app you will pass and get you chinese driving license !

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