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HSK1 Chinese level 1 online exam preparation

HSK level 1 exam | Test preparation and simulation


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This book includes more than 40 lectures and teaches you all you need for your HSK 1 exam with a visual, storytelling method that helps you to remember the characters and words effortlessly.

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The most comprehensive HSK 1 preparation available for guaranteed success. With learning checks,audio, online training, downloadable material and exam advice it has never been easier to get your HSK 1 certificate. This proven method (from the author of Drive in China) brings you the same high quality training experience that helped more than 10000 customers already.

HSK1 Complete preparation package

  • All 150 words
  • All single characters and components
  • Audio for all words and characters
  • Practise exams and trainings
  • Progress monitoring
  • Downloadable worksheets for writing practise
  • Table of radicals 

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The following trainings are included

HSK 1 Vocabulary

  • Chinese - English
  • English - Chinese
  • Pinyin - Chinese
  • Audio - Chinese

HSK 1 Video flashcards

Try these video flashcards with word, pinyin and pronounciation

HSK 1 Exam questions (question types exactly like in the exam)

Listening part

  • Image - Audio (True/false)
  • Three images - Audio (Multiple choice)
  • 5 images - 5 Audios (Assign audio to picture)
  • Audio - Statement (Listen to audio then pick one of three choices about what you just heard)

Reading part

  • Image - Word (True/false)
  • 5 images - 5 Statements (Assign pictures to statements)
  • 5 Sentences or questions - 5 Answers or staements ( Assign asnwers to questions)
  • 5 Words - 5 sentences (Fill the gaps - assign words to sentences)

Unlimited random exam simulations for intensive preparation. With this training you will pass !

2 month
Vocabulary trainer, exam simulation and a lot of bonus material
HSK 1 in 3 month
90 days
Vocabulary trainer, exam simulation and a lot of bonus material
HSK 1 in 6 month
6 month
Vocabulary trainer, exam simulation and a lot of bonus material

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HSK 1 exam

HSK 1 exam 2

HSK 1 exam 3


My name is Michael Borgers and i created these exams primarily to practise because i found that nothing out there was either comprehensive enough or affordable. With more than 20 years of IT experience and more than 10 certificates in various areas of expertise i crafted all the questions to study, practise and simulate the tests and eventually i passed all of them in the first try. All my exam preparations come with a money back guarantee - if you fail i will refund you your investment or extend your subscription. Enjoy learning with this material and i promise you will pass like so many before you already. Never stop learning... 


  Michael Borgers 

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