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Want to learn how to improve your skills, follow your passion and eventually earn money from it ?

Excellent ! That is exactly what i am helping people with on these pages. 


My name is Michael Borgers and i am passionate about self improvement and creativity and i am on a mission to combine these and along the way help you to do the same. 

When i realized one year ago that working my whole life for the same company in an office is not what i always wanted for myself i quit my highly paid IT job and started a creative business. Some, maybe most called it crazy, i call it freedom. If you know what i am talking about you came to the right place. Since i took control and pursue my creativity and passion i cannot wait to dig into my daily projects every morning and i am happier than ever before. 

On this website you will learn:

  • How to find your passion
  • How to improve your skills
  • How to supercharge your creativity
  • How to eventually make a living of it
  • How to pass exams

I take the inspiration from the city i am currently living in, Shanghai ...  never resting metropolis which is so full of new ideas superlatives that it is hard not to be soaked into it.

I am so glad you are here and join me on my exciting journey, don't forget to subscribe below so you get first hand news and advice about how to discover your strength and get rid of that office job !

So what does that mean ? Follow your passion ? 

Here is what i did to create multiple passive income streams (one has to eat right ?)

I can, you can , everybody can. 

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